Meeting recap

Hi Toastmasters,

We had a fun meeting, Wednesday, March 18, 2015! After a slow start because our meeting room was in the dark (no working lights), we ended up having great fun.

Chris served as Toastmaster, and Michelle was our grammarian and ahhh-counter. She chose the word of the day out of our Word-Of-The-Day:

Ilk: Noun

Sort, Kind

“The hole beneath the stairs of the cabin’s port allows in squirrels, woodchucks, and other creatures of that ilk.”

Kelson was our timer.

Only Chris used the word of the day! Even though most of us did not use the word in our meeting, we should all try to use it at least once today.

Susanne presented a humorous speech today “Nothing in Life Can Be Too Serious.” We followed her on a trip she took to Europe when she was young. She had lots of adventures and wonderful, fun memories. Heather evaluated her speech, her first evaluation! Great job Heather!

Cameron gave his first speech today! We learned a lot about him in his icebreaker speech. Cameron has lived in a great many places and after he was done I found I would like to hear more. Rich evaluated Cameron. As always, he did a great job evaluating.

Kim was our Table Topics Master and Vote Counter. We spoke about our first cars. All the speakers had a humorous take on their first cars. Ellen won the best speaker ribbon for her story of her first car; a Dodge Dart.

Lori was our general evaluator.

Susanne and Michelle invited the membership to sign up for next meetings roles. Each member who had a role in this week’s meeting had their name placed in a drawing and Lori won a raffle ticket! I’m sure she’ll share any winnings. Please review the CC and CL tracking spreadsheets (links below) and fill out your goals and accomplishments on them.

Competent Communicator-


Competent Leader


See you next meeting! BRING A FRIEND!

Michelle Pappas | Legal Strategies | o: 616.246.9133 |


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