Hi Fellow Toastmasters,

We had a fun meeting today, Wednesday, March 4, 2015!

Kelson served as Toastmaster, and Ellen was our grammarian and ahhh-counter. She chose the word of the day out of our Word-Of-The-Day:

Astute: adjective

Having or showing an ability to notice and understand things clearly; mentally sharp or clever

“He is an astute observer of the current political scene.”

Only Sean and Chris speaker used the word of the day today! Even though most of us did not use the word in our meeting, we should all try to use it at least once today.

Sean gave a speech today from the Educational Successful Club Series, Evaluate to Motivate. We heard some great ideas on how to prepare an effective speech evaluation! Susanne evaluated Sean. She did a great job evaluating; particularly after a speech about evaluating.

Chris was our Table Topics Master and Vote Counter. Chris had a great, new idea for her table topic. We each placed our name in an envelope and put on the outside of the envelope something we were good at. Then Chris started by presenting an award (the something we were good at) to a member. We each came up to accept our award and give an acceptance speech and then present the award to the next person. We had fun accepting our awards! I expect we will be doing this table topic again! Cameron won the best speaker ribbon for his acceptance speech for his award for the best impression of Donald Duck!

Heather was our general evaluator and did a great job for her first time in that role!

Sean invited the membership to sign up for next meetings roles and asked that we review the CC and CL tracking spreadsheets and fill out our goals and accomplishments on them.

Competent Communicator-


Competent Leader


See you next meeting! BRING A FRIEND!

Michelle Pappas | Legal Strategies | o: 616.246.9133 |


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