Toastmasters Meeting Recap 1-21-15

Hi Fellow Toastmasters,

We had a fun meeting Wednesday!

Sean served as Toastmaster, and Kim was our grammarian and ahhh-counter. She chose the word of the day out of our Word-Of-The-Day cards in the lectern:

Immutable: adjective

Unchanging over time or unable to be changed

“An immutable fact”.

Each speaker used the word except for Michelle! In fact Rich used the word several times. (we lost count) We should all try to use it at least once today.

Susanne gave a speech today from her Advance Communicator Bronze book. We heard a couple of amusing stories and the reasons why we all need life insurance! Michelle evaluated Susanne. She did a great job.

Heather was our Table Topics Master and Vote Counter. Rich, Michelle, Sean and Chris were given unusual colors we were to paint our homes and we had to explain WHY we wanted to paint our homes that color. Rich won the best speaker ribbon for his explanation why his daughter’s room was painted frog green.

Sean reviewed the CC and CL tracking spreadsheets with us and urged us to fill out our goals and accomplishments on them. We closed the meeting by filling out the Competent Leader and Competent Communicator tracking sheets and volunteering for roles for our next meeting. It will help us keep track of our goals. You can also fill them out yourself by using the below links.

Competent Communicator-

Competent Leader-


See you next time!


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