Toastmaster meeting recap 11-19-14

Hi Fellow Toastmasters,

We had a small but informative meeting today.

Kelson served as Toastmaster today as well as our grammarian and ahhh-counter. Kelson picked the word Trepidation for our Word-Of-The-Day:

Trepidation: Noun

A feeling of fear or agitation about something that may happen.

“He had some trepidation about agreeing to their proposal”

It was a good word choice, because I’m pretty sure all who spoke used this word!

Sean presented a speech today called Stagetime, Stagetime, Stagetime! He used this speech to inspire us to use Toastmasters to the greatest extent we can. Thanks, Sean, for giving us a motivating speech!

Michelle was our Table Topics Master and Vote Counter. The topic was your favorite Snow Stories. Michelle shared with the group the story of her brother being stuck in a very deep snow drift during the blizzard of 1967. We all had something to share. Heather won the Table Topics with her observations about how snowstorms are so different when you are an adult opposed to when you’re a kid. (We liked it better when we were kids.)

Cameron returned for another visit this meeting. We hope to see him back next time. There was an announcement that we have a new member! Kim Woronko has joined our club. Welcome Kim!

Sean urged us to fill out our goals and accomplishments the CC and CL tracking sheets. You can fill them out yourself by using the below links.

Competent Communicator-

Competent Leader-

Also, follow our blog on wordpress!

See you next time!

Michelle Pappas | Legal Strategies | o: 616.246.9133 |

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