S Division Contest and Next Week’s Meeting

Steelcase Toastmasters,

We have a great opportunity coming up. Saturday, November 1st you are invited to attend the S Division Speech Contest. This will be a great learning opportunity and should be very entertaining. You’ll get to see winners from each Area Contest give their humorous speeches and table topics to compete for the S Division title.

For more information see the informational flyer (Toastmasters_SpeechContest.pdf) and I would encourage all of you to consider attending.

We also have a meeting scheduled for next week Wednesday at 11:30 in the Multipurpose Room at Steelcase. There are several roles to fill, so please check your Competent Leader manual and find out which role you need to take to finish your next project.

Feel free to sign up for that role on the club website: http://4172.toastmastersclubs.org/agenda.html

We also have room for one more speech. I would encourage you to look at your Competent Communication manual to see which speech is next for you, and sign up if you would like to knock out one more!

Thanks, and I hope everybody has a great weekend!

Sean Fahey

VP Education, Steelcase Toastmasters

Area Governor, Area 9

Toastmasters International

Where Leaders Are Made

Phone: 616-502-8624




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