August 6, 2014 recap

We had a wonderful meeting today; if you were not there you missed a great speech by our guest, Bernie Siehling. He has wonderful stories and I think we could have heard him speak for longer than he did. His speech was “You Can Always Come Back to the Farm.” Check out his website at to read his biography.

Ritu served as Toastmaster today and did a wonderful job, as always.

Kelson chose the word-of-the-day:

Concur: verb
To act together
To approve
To express agreement.

The majority of the members used the word-of-the-day today! Good choice, Kelson!

Kelson also was the Grammarian and Ah-Er Counter.

Sean was our Table Topics Master and Vote Counter. His topic was to choose what school subject was the most important to us. We chose from Math, Chemistry, Physics, History, Reading, Writing, Foreign Language, and the Arts. Susanne won the Table Topics with her speech on why the subject of History is so important. Ellen filled in as our Timer today. Thanks for covering that role Ellen!

Susanne gave our general evaluation and helped hold off hunger pangs by sharing no-bakes with us after Bernie’s speech (YUM!)

We closed our meeting by filling out the Competent Leader and Competent Communicator tracking sheets that are posted at every meeting. It will help us keep track of our goals.

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