June 4, 2014 recap!

Hello Toastmasters!

We had another wonderful meeting today.

Suzanne opened the meeting for us, and Cindy served as Toastmaster for the day.

Lori challenged us to use the word of the day. The word of the day was Zowie! Zowie is an interjection used to express astonishment or admiration, especially in response to something sudden or speedy. A very interesting word, indeed!

Mabel gave speech #5- Your Body Speaks, which was evaluated by Sean. Mabel shared a very colorful Cantonese collage, which represented dozens of “Cantonese Proverbs in One Picture”. She picked eight proverbs from the picture to explain their meaning. Congratulations to Mabel for completing her fifth speech! She is now halfway through her Competent Communicator manual!

Suzanne was our Table Topics Master and asked us to share a story of a long journey we have taken in our lives.

Heather was our timer for the day and Wonda was our Vote Counter. Amos and Michelle tied for Best Table Topic!

The next meeting is Wednesday, June 18th at 11:30am. We will provide food as we watch the movie “Speak”, instead of our normal meeting. On July 2nd we are hosting members from Cascade Engineering’s Toastmasters Club so we would love to have a full agenda. You can sign up for open roles here (including giving a speech!)

Remember to keep working through your manuals. We would love to see some Competent Communicator awards in the upcoming year!

Thanks to all for a wonderful meeting!

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